People want information.

And they want it without a catch. No obligations. No hidden agendas. No subtle or even not-so-subtle coercive marketing techniques.

They don’t care about your ROI. They don’t care about your sales targets.

But they will consider buying your products or services if you simply trust them with your valuable information.

If you add value.

Good salespeople (mostly) realise this. They understand they no longer control all the information.

People find out what they need online and only turn to the salesperson if they actually require further knowledge.

  • 78% of consumers prefer getting to know a company through content over advertisements*
  • 70% believe that custom content is the best way to build a relationship with them
  • And on average, companies who produce content pieces will produce 67% more leads*

Create Content That Adds Value For Your Customers

We help our clients by creating the valuable information these people – their customers – are looking for.

And we put that valuable information where those people are.

On social media, on their phones, wherever it’s easy for them to find and use it to answer their questions or offer solutions to their problems.

Or even just pique their interest.

Over time, we build massive amounts of good content that earns our clients’ customers’ trust and builds lasting relationships.

Get Phenomenal ROI

Our clients have experienced phenomenal ROI using (and trusting) our methodology.

For ServiceSeeking.com.au, a leading online jobs marketplace, we increased organic sales by 55% and delivered a 1,919% ROI… within 2 months. Not a typo.

For Alsco NZ – Alsco is a global leader in the linen and uniform rental industry with 350,000 customers and over 170 locations worldwide – we deliver a 1,059% ROIper month.

That resulted in more than $1 million in revenue from online sales for Alsco NZ between January and October 2018.

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