Content Marketing 1,919% ROI in First 2 Months

An online comparison business reaps the benefits of increased organic blog traffic
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Brief: Increase sales via the Blog.

Result: Within 2 months, we increased organic-driven sales by 55% and delivered a 1,919% ROI. (That is not a typo.)

We love working with online comparison businesses exactly like ServiceSeeking. Why? Because we love to create content for consumers searching for solutions. To discuss how we can help your business, contact me on Skype.

Client: is Australia’s leading comparison websites for homeowners and tradespeople.

How We Did It

We started work in June 2018 and really got our Mojo going in July. Even now, we’re only just ramping up. 100s more articles and image pieces will be published over the next few months.

The below chart specifically shows new jobs/income from the organic traffic into the blog.

By October we broke through a ceiling and gained a new high for the ServiceSeeking website.

ROI on content marketing
New jobs/income from organic traffic into the blog.

How We Identified Opportunities

We first seek to understand what search engines and customers want from our client and then we work towards giving both of them exactly that.

We identify search keywords that have an opportunity for sales growth and then create and improve existing content to better meet the needs of the search engines and customers.

In the following example, this methodology shifted a good quality keyword (equivalent to user intent to purchase) 56 places from position 60 to position 4.

We repeat this same content marketing process for 100s of keywords.

Improving keyword position
Improving keyword position is a high priority.

Website Optimised To Increase Visibility

There’s no point generating more visitors if your website doesn’t convert at a reasonable rate.

The core product areas of ServiceSeeking are conversion machines, but the blog had been neglected.

So, we set about redesigning the blog template to include more trust components and call-to-action elements.

The first screenshot shows what the blog template generally looked like before our redesign.

service seeking blog template before redesign

This next screenshot illustrates how a few simple tweaks to ServiceSeeking’s blog template created a more interesting and compelling experience for the reader.

In particular, we encourage the reader to take action on 8 separate occasions throughout the article. Previously, the reader was asked to take action once, maybe twice at the most.

service seeking blog template after redesign

Katrina and the McKinnon Group team were able to analyse our competitive set and very quickly develop a content marketing strategy to separate us from our competitors, and align with the direction Google is taking us.

The content her team has developed for is first-rate, and we’ve seen organic rankings for highly prized keywords increase, driving more new visitors and signups.

Oliver Pennington – Co-Founder,

Would you like to use content marketing to increase attention and sales? Contact Katrina on Skype to discuss your content marketing requirements today.